Sheep & Real Estate…

Hi, meandering thought of the day.


Sheep and Real Estate;

Ok, please stick with me for a bit and it will all come together... maybe.
This is John of the Sue and John Team. I have sheep, to date, 17 actually. 1 ram (Mel Gibson is his name for reasons which I won't go into right now) and 16 ewes (the ladies). In the spring, if Mel Gibson has done his job properly, the flock number should go up considerably. Question is why the heck would a guy like myself even consider doing something crazy crazy like sheep farming.
Answer is simple, I love it.
Hauling water, forking manure, helping birth lambs - it's a lot of work. I'm really not convinced that I will be raking in millions from my sheep enterprise. But meanwhile back at the ranch, I truly enjoy it.
Ok, link this with Real Estate. Ok, ok.
Answer again is simple, Sue and I love it. We've been at it a while. We've met and helped out a lot of people over the years. Many of our clients have become dear friends. Bottom line is we love it, love the interaction, love help making dreams come true, love applying our considerable experience and dog gone it, our knowledge, to solving challenging problems. It has been, and is very good.
So, Sheep and Real Estate? here it is! You gotta love what you do. How does the old saying go? If you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life.
Looking forward to chatting soon about your Real Estate plans for 2022....
or sheep.
P.S. Put some pants on





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