Life Is Too Short NOT To Live It In Colour… But Not When Listing!

We hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy.
One consideration to keep in mind. As you're  cruising around in your virtual world, remember that even if your upper half is all cozy and warm, your bottom half, given your choice of pj's / sweatpants / other (?), could very well be experiencing a draft. Mind the drafts now!
Today, on Colour!
Let me describe my house exterior to you. Siding is a neutral light green, the deck turned out to be a light burnt umber (Kinda yellow) and just to add some more pizzazz, we painted the front door purple. It's an interesting mix and guests, we've noted, have always been supportive and kind. I have noticed on several occasions however, a widening of eyes and looking more closely, pupil dilation.
Inside the house, we walk and live in a cornucopia of moods and colour. Orange, green, yellow, and a few colours which seem to change as the day progresses. These colours all bear distinct names, (Cromwell Gold for example) and my wife would be able to provide proper descriptors other than my cloddish attempts. (I'll bet the purple front door is known properly as something far more exotic)
We like it. We like living here and plan to hang out here for the foreseeable future.
Which brings us to the question we are often asked when we are listing a house.
Sue has more staging expertise in her big toe than I have ever or will ever have. Her advice is consistent. When its time to be out there (On MLS, in the public eye), crazy colours may not be the best option. Your home should present a neutral soothing theme. She will advise that in creating that "WOW", a properly accented home with the appropriate neutral paint scheme wins every time.
So, meanwhile back at the ranch, when Sue and her husband come over to visit us they take a deep breath and ready themselves for the paint pallet which is our home. That's what friends do right?
Take care, stay safe, and if going out into the world, wear a mask and put your skirt on.
Thanks for your Trust.





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